01 April 2021

Dynament launches Premier R32 Refrigerant Sensor

Dynament is pleased to announce the release of the new Premier R32 Refrigerant NDIR sensor. The Premier infrared sensor measures R32 from 0 to 15% volume with a resolution of 0.05%.

These sensors contain all the necessary optics, electronics and firmware to provide a linearized, temperature-compensated output

The sensors also offer a choice of output format; digital output (floating point and binary) or industry standard 0.4 to 2 volts. The analog output is scalable in % volume or % full scale.

The sensors are available in either 'Ex' certified (IECEx, ATEX and mining M1) or ‘non-Ex’ models. All certified models are UL approved.

The sensors are compatible with the company's existing 'Premier' series and utilize the same technology which has proven itself over the past 14 years with over 700,000 in use worldwide in 40 countries in a wide variety of industries and applications.

The sensors can be pre-configured for specific measurement ranges according to customer requirements. The standard operating temperature range for the sensors is -20 to +50 degrees C and every sensor undergoes full temperature compensation over this range for R32 and characteristics are stored within the sensor electronics.