MCU3 Monitoring and Control Unit

1 to 8 channel control unit

Key features

  • Lockable mild steel passivated powder coated housing for indoor use
  • Data logging and event data logging as standard
  • Full calibration menu via external push buttons
  • 24v D.C power supply for external visual and audible alarms
  • Inbuilt battery backup


Our PST owned brand, Status Scientific Controls have manufactured a range of high quality single and multi-channel gas detector control panels which are used throughout the world in various different industries.

1 - 8 Channel Control Panels
Although primarily designed for use with the Status Scientific Controls range of fixed gas detectors, the MCU3 Monitoring and Control Unit provides facilities to accept up to 8 individual inputs from various types of monitoring instruments or transducers.

We will set up your system to your specification and alarm parameters, provide a test certificate proving the settings and ship the product to you ready and configured to install. Click here to download the form


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