Your partner for Humidity Measurement in any Application

PST offers an unmatched range of humidity products built around our wide range of in-house sensor technologies. Using this wealth of knowledge and technology we offer three approaches for our OEM customers.

  • Standard products. Proven products, readily available ideal for integration into most products/applications.
  • OEM-designed products. Where our standard range is not suitable, we instead design, manufacture and supply products that are made for our customers' requirements.
  • Full product development. Products fully designed and developed with our customers, private labeled or exclusive use.
  • Through our flexibility with these projects we build long-term trusted partnerships with our customers.


  • Multiple proprietary sensor technologies
  • Solutions including sensors, probes, transmitters
  • Deep application and measurement knowledge
  • Design, prototyping, testing and certification capability
  • Experts in multiple measurements %rh, CO2, O2, °C, °C DP
  • Quantity pricing and scheduled delivery
  • Specialized in Custom Solutions

What can PST offer

  • rh accuracy from ±0.5 %rh … ±2 %rh
  • Operating range from -100…200 °C
  • Multiple format solutions including; Sensors, Smart Sensors, Probes, Transmitters
  • Wide range of power supply and consumption options including specialise low power devices for IoT
  • Multiple output options including amps, voltage, relay or digital comms.
  • Sensors for harsh and contaminated environments.
  • Knowledge of filter materials, best practice, calibration and servicing.
  • Global organisation with local support and multiple manufacturing and development sites.

Standard Product Highlights

Proven products, readily available ideal for integration into most products/applications.

Customised Project Highlights

Design, manufacture and supply of products specifically to customers’ requirements.

Hatchery manufacturer
Relative humidity, temperature & CO2.
Customised calibration at customer application conditions.
Analog and digital to allow retrofit and use in new generation products
Field calibration kit
Relative humidity, temperature and CO2.
Packaged solution for chamber mapping & calibration.
Simple rugged design, for field engineers.
Climate chamber manufacturer
Relative humidity internal reference.
Form, fit, function according to customers specifications.
Climate computer manufacturer
Relative humidity and temperature.
Compact design with digital communication.
Very price sensitive solution required at high quantity.