Dew-Point Transmitter - Michell Easidew 34

Moisture Measurement for Compressed Air Dryers

Key features

  • 3/4” UNF process connection
  • Measurement ranges -110 up to +20°Cdp (-148 up to +68°Fdp)
  • Dew point or ppmV moisture content output
  • 2-wire loop power connection
  • Accuracy ±2 °Cdp (±3.6°Fdp)
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Low cost of ownership and easy maintenance with sensor exchange program
  • 316 Stainless steel sensor and sample blocks
  • KF40 Glove Box flange
  • MiniDIN 43650, M12 electrical connectors
  • Oxygen service cleaned


The Easidew 34 is a dew-point transmitter with a 3/4” process connection. Designed for use in industrial conditions, it has a wide measurement range from -110 to + 20 °C dew point.

Based on Ceramic Metal-Oxide Moisture Sensor the Easidew 34 is available with a choice of service and warranty options for minimal cost of ownership.


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