Automatic Humidity Probe Calibrator - Michell HG10

Reference Hygrometer Controlled Humidity Generation

Key features

  • Automatic calibration system with reference hygrometer
  • Wide range of humidity generation 1 to 95% RH, -50 to +50°Cdp
  • High accuracy ±0.1°C fundamental reference
  • User-configurable temperature and humidity profiling allows calibration cycles to be run without constant supervision
  • Very fast changes between generated relative humidity points


The Michell HG10 Humidity Calibration System is a computer-controlled automatic calibration system for humidity sensors. The HG10 is capable of repeatable generation of temperature and relative humidity set points over the range 1 to 95% RH (-50 to +50°Cdp) at temperatures of +20 to +50°C with excellent stability. The supplied chilled mirror reference instrument provides traceability directly to national standards and makes the system suitable for use in high-level calibration laboratories.

The supplied PC software allows the creation of automatic calibration programs, for evaluating the performance of humidity sensors over a range of operating conditions. The measured values from the chilled mirror reference are used in a closed control loop to enable repeatable set point generation, time and time again.


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